Work Life Balance

As someone with many interests out with my work, something that has always concerned me about entering full time employment is finding that perfect balance between the 9-5 and my evening hobbies.

When I first started with Purpose HR in September of 2021, I came to terms with the fact that I might have to give up my hobbies to ensure work was my top priority. Since I was 15 years old I have participated in a variety of theatre groups in my local area; AYMT, Stage 4 and Treading the Boards to name a few. In each group we have rehearsed and performed a musical production in a local theatre to, at times, upwards of 400 people a night. Over the years, this passion has led to a boost in my confidence and gaining friendships with like-minded people which will last a lifetime. Though, in the back of my head I always thought that I would have to give up this passion to make way for the demands of a full time job.

Not long after starting with Purpose HR as a HR Administrator, I auditioned to be in Treading the Boards’ production of “Be More Chill”. I was ecstatic to find out that I had been cast as Jenna Rolan, my first ever principle part! However, I felt nervous about balancing this with my work to ensure I was fully committed to both and not letting anyone down. The week of performing a show can be so demanding, often requiring you to be at the theatre by 5pm and finishing late at night.

Since joining Purpose HR I have been supported by the whole team to allow me to be flexible with my working hours to build a work life balance that suits me and the business! This meant I could be flexible in starting early to finish on time for rehearsals or a performance, or work longer another day to ensure my hours were covered. In addition to their support, Purpose HR also sponsored an advert in the programme for the production.

At Purpose HR there is clear trust in each team member that however they choose to cover their hours, they will get all their work done, without a reduction in quality. There is also a fantastic “pitch-in” culture in our team where everyone is happy to help to ensure we cover the workload of all our clients within the team as a whole. For example, when someone has a child who is sick and can’t attend nursery or when someone is going on annual leave and needs support to close out tasks before they finish up; the team will pull together to ensure that our team member’s work is covered, not only for the benefit of our clients but also to relieve any stress this has placed on our colleague.

I truly appreciate the trust and understanding that the team at Purpose HR have in each other, and the value that we all place on creating and maintaining a positive work life balance. I can safely say, this is one of my many favourite things about working at Purpose HR!

Going into my next amateur theatre show, “Lift”, I feel safe in the knowledge that my ability to balance this with work will be supported thanks to the fantastic team at Purpose HR!

By Rebecca Morrice, HR Administrator