Women in STEM – Your Point of View

Women in STEM

It is well known that companies are more profitable and sustainable with gender-balanced teams and leadership, but that balance of this kind has proved tough in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sectors where women are under represented.

To better support STEM SME employers in attracting and retaining the best female talent, and to help address a gender balance in the workplace, Purpose HR – with the support of two of our clients, Administrate and Modulr – set out to look into what qualified STEM female candidates want from the SMEs they would work for – what attracts them and what gets in the way. In order to do so, our survey was prepared to collect and analyse the points of view of qualified STEM female candidates.

The conclusions drawn from the data collected by our survey allowed us to compile a set of recommendations and practical advice on how to widen STEM employers’ talent pools in order to attract good quality female talent, ultimately seeking to help address the current gender gap in STEM.

Our report provides the results from the survey conducted during Q4 of 2018, a detailed analysis of these results and a discussion on possible future steps in addressing the gender gap in STEM industries, particularly for SME employers.

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