We’ve Taken the Pledge

We are proud to announce that Purpose HR has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge.

The pledge is a values-led partnership between the Scottish Government and business, and is a shared ambition of boosting productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment, and workforce engagement and development.

It is built on:

  • A commitment from the Scottish Government and its partners to support sustainable business growth in Scotland.
  • A voluntary code of business practice that guides and boosts the future development of our company.
  • A mutual pledge to ensure that prosperity, innovation, fairness and opportunity develop hand-in-hand in Scotland.

There are ten elements to the Pledge:

  1. Paying the Real Living Wage
  2. No Inappropriate Use of Zero Hours Contracts
  3. Action to address the Gender pay gap
  4. Environmental Impact
  5. Investing in a Skilled and Diverse Workforce
  6. Workforce engagement
  7. Innovation
  8. Internationalisation
  9. Support your Community
  10. Prompt Payment

To sign up for the Pledge it is mandatory to pay the Real Living Wage, avoid the use of exploitative zero hours contracts and pay both genders equally. Additionally, you must meet another five of the remaining Pledge elements, making a longer term commitment to achieving all 10 elements of the Pledge.

As a values-led business, Purpose HR is delighted to make a commitment to the Pledge and help promote fairness, equality, inclusivity, diversity and innovation. We strongly believe in, and are fully committed to, supporting sustainable business practices as we grow, and encourage other businesses to make the Pledge too.

To find out more, visit the Scottish Business Pledge website.