Streamline your HR admin with a cloud-based system

Streamlining HR admin

Founding and running a startup business is incredibly challenging. As soon as you employ your first person, you’re dealing with the daily people-related tasks and responsibilities. According to research, CEOs of small and medium sized businesses lose one fifth of their working week to employee admin related tasks such as authorising leave, logging sickness and tracking absence – valuable time which could be focussed on strategy and growth.

Despite tighter budgets and limited IT resources, small businesses still need to centralise workflows and be efficient, especially when it comes to managing their people.

Very often, organisations have employee information spread over different systems, spreadsheets and even paper-based files. This can result in mistakes, processing delays and, more significantly, data breaches and failure to comply with GDPR which come with serious consequences for any business.

Legislation changed in March 2019, with employees now legally able to request information held by their employer about them. This is called a Subject Access Request (SAR). If the information is spread over different systems, spreadsheets etc, collating this and supplying it to an employee could be a time-consuming exercise.

HR software can lend a valuable hand in assisting small businesses with these challenges and the earlier implemented, the better.

By centralising employee data and HR documentation and automating time consuming admin tasks, you can access employee data, when and where needed, in a safe and secure environment. Plus having access to reporting tools can help identify employee behaviour that would otherwise be difficult to analyse.

Furthermore, with flexible working so popular now, HR admin tasks are much more efficient when employees have access remotely to an online system.

For our clients who don’t already have a system in place to streamline their processes, we recommend the cloud-based system BreatheHR as the best option in the market for their needs. We use it ourselves at Purpose HR so know first-hand how beneficial and employee friendly it is. It is easy and intuitive to use, quick to set up, extremely affordable for a startup business, reliable and secure.

What is BreatheHR and how can it help?

Breathe is a GDPR compliant, ISO27001 accredited online HR tool that helps you escape the admin of managing employees, allowing you to focus on growing your businesses and building a great team.

Cloud-based systems such as Breathe take the hard work out of employee admin, centralise employee information and automate time consuming tasks, leaving you to focus on improving employee performance.

Key benefits of a cloud-based system such as BreatheHR

Centralised Employee Data

A secure system where you can easily and safely access all your HR data anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

Approve & Monitor Holiday Requests

A simple to use online holiday approval process.

Manage Employee Absence

Record and track employee sick leave and absence.

Streamline Reports

Identify important trends by generating custom reports.

Organise Documents

Securely store or share documents and manage company policies.

Track Expenses

Easily manage employee expense claims and generate reports to help calculate budgets.

Set Permissions & Be Organised

Set line manager and employee permissions, and use the automatically generated tasks and email reminders to keep you on track.

Performance Management

Arrange one-to-ones, annual appraisal meetings, and set individual and company goals and targets for staff to strive for.

Aridhia is just one of our high-growth clients benefitting from using Breathe in their organisation.

“BreatheHR is a great product which is user friendly and works really well for all our employees. Some of the key benefits for us include the monitoring of holidays and sick leave, the ability to store all documents in one place and the fact it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. We had a really smooth transition with the support and guidance provided by Purpose HR in implementing the system at Aridhia.”

Claire Peattie, Aridhia

As an accredited Breathe partner, the Purpose HR team can help set up the system for you, import your data, train your team on the essentials, and provide any on-going support needed to ensure you are getting the best out of the software.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you manage your employee data in a secure and compliant environment or to arrange a demo.