We are delighted to confirm that Lisa Thomson our Founder has successfully completed her Impact Economy Adviser training with Scotland CAN B! This is hugely important progress for us as we continue to support our clients to develop inclusive and purpose-driven cultures.

Launched by the Scottish Government in 2018, Scotland CAN B exists to build a nationwide culture of business as a force for good in Scotland, as a catalyst for place-based systems change – the first nationwide programme of its kind.

Scotland CAN B is an initiative launched in partnership between the Scottish Government and B Lab (the non profit organisation behind B Corp certification) to explore what happens when you combine entrepreneurial, innovative and business for good ambitions of one country.

Scotland CAN B is on a mission to build a nationwide culture of business as a force for good in Scotland, towards creating a wellbeing economy.

About the Programme:

The purpose of this training is for business advisors and entrepreneurial support professionals who want to learn how to help the businesses they support to understand, define, measure and improve their environmental, social and governance performance.

What was involved?

Lisa was selected as ane of sixteen business advisors and support professionals who attended Scotland CAN B’s first cohort of Impact
Economy Advisors Training.

During this course a variety of content was covered including:

  • connecting to the local and global context of the future of business,
  • frameworks for impact, including the SDGs and Scotland’s NPF, and how to apply them in a business context,
  • in-depth understanding of the broad range of impactful business models and legal structures,
  • and using a selection of comprehensive and cutting-edge impact measurement tools.

Lisa invested 18 hours over 4 weeks while attending Scotland CAN B’s Impact Economy Advisors Training.

Get in touch to learn more about evaluating and measuring impact and to find out how Purpose HR can support your organisation to develop an inclusive and purpose driven culture and practices.