Our Equality & Diversity Pledge

Purpose HR are dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Following pride month, we’re sharing our Equality and Diversity Pledge which details our ongoing commitment to support and ally with those in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. This has been drafted by our team, and these are our commitments to support and ally with those of all protected characteristics

As an organisation we promise to:

Recognise, support and empower those responsible for promoting equality in our organisation. Listen to and understand the diverse needs of all people, and to make our services more accessible to everyone. Regularly review the diversity of our company in order to identify areas of improvement and set ourselves equality and diversity goals. Ensure that equal opportunities are integral to how we recruit and treat our people. Play our part in promoting good relations between people from different backgrounds. Encourage our staff to positively challenge and promote positive action where they see a lack of diversity. Raise awareness and take action on all forms of unconscious bias.