My summer experience at Purpose HR

Wow, it’s six weeks already! It seems like I started my summer internship with Purpose HR only yesterday.

Over the past four years, I have been studying HR and have been looking for an opportunity to gain work experience for career development. I also wanted to gain practical knowledge of the theories I have acquired in class networks, but this was a considerable challenge. I joined Black Professionals Scotland, and from here was able to find valuable internship opportunities. Purpose HR offered me a fantastic opportunity that covered all I wanted to achieve, so of course I accepted and was excited to get started!

During my internship as an HR Administrator, my responsibility was to work with other HR consultants and advisors and looking back, even in a short six-week window I have greatly improved my knowledge in various HR processes. It was really motivating to see for myself that I was beginning to complete tasks quicker, with less assistance and that my variety of tasks was increasing. By the end of my internship I was working on a number of projects such as employee data management, documentation, research and client relationship management. 

One of my significant wins was the opportunity to be part of a recruitment process from the advertising stage, reviewing CVs (about 80 candidates), selecting candidates, handling screening calls and recommending candidates for the final interview, which ended in the actual employment. I also had the opportunity to be part of a client employee engagement meeting. I was exposed to daily team meetings and weekly 1-2-1 meetings with my supervisor.

It was not all about work either. I had a great time building relationships with other colleagues during lunch breaks and attended a mini golf team night. I never knew I had the Tiger Woods golf spirit in me! It was a valuable experience, allowing me to relate with my colleagues beyond work.

My experience at Purpose HR was fantastic; the work culture is friendly, autonomous, and collaborative. I met my objectives for this internship and learned a lot within the short period. 

I look forward to transferring some of my acquired skills into future roles and continuing to nurture the relationships I have built in my short period in the organisation. Special thanks to all the Purpose HR family for the beautiful experience!