Brexit and the EU Settlement Scheme

As the end of 2020 is upon us, and therefore the Brexit deadline, an important element of this is linked to the right to work in the UK. The European Settlement Scheme states that if you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen then you must be living in the UK before the 31st of December 2020 in order to apply for the scheme. If you are living in the UK before the 31st of December then EU, EEA and Swiss Citizens can apply for settled or pre settled status up to the 30th June 2021.

Purpose HR can run workshops with EU employees to support them through the application process for the EU settlement scheme, as well as providing support for appeals and reviews of unsuccessful applications. Any EU, EAA or Swiss Citizen who is not living in the UK before the end of 2020 will not be eligible for the scheme.

This means that to hire an employee who is not a UK Citizen and is not living in the UK will require a visa from 1st January 2021. A new immigration system will apply to people arriving in the UK from 1st January 2021 and EU citizens moving to the UK to work will need to get a visa in advance. EU citizens applying for a skilled worker visa will need to show they have a job offer from an approved employer sponsor to be able to apply for the visa. All employers planning to hire skilled workers from outside the UK from 2021 will need to apply to become an approved sponsor. Purpose HR can support businesses to become an approved sponsor with the Home Office enabling companies to continue to recruit from the EU as well as allowing recruitment from outside the EU.

You can find more information on the UK’s new points-based immigration system here.

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